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19 inch Rack with Power Meter Display

19 inch Rack with Power Meter Display. 16 Way with rear and front outlets. Built-in thermal fuse protection. 16 Way power distribution unit with assorted options of output configuration. Input plug 10Amp. Single rack mount 1RU. Breakout on both front and rear panels for a compact solution.
From $140.00 incl tax

19” Rack Mount Power Board

6 outlets, surge protection for spikes with 10Amps rated 240V. Illuminated master power switch. 10A Resettable fuse button. Single MOV Spike arrester surge protection. 1 Metre power cord with right angle plug.
From $22.99 incl tax

8 Outlet RCD Powerboard

The HPM 8 outlet RCD protected PlugBoss power board is ideal for tradesmen, home handymen and building sites. RCD enabled protection will prevent ongoing electrocution from electrical faults and safety hazards from using power tools. Specifications: 240Vac 10amps 50Hz 2400watts maximum.
$55.99 incl tax

Crimping Tool Kit

The Datamaster® crimping tool kit is a precision steel hand tool for the professional. Three individual dies allow accurate termination of 4-position, 6-position and 8-position modular plugs. 6 position die also has an adjustment to accept MMP plugs. High quality. Includes carry case, connection assist and plugs.
$145.00 incl tax

Energy Saver Power Board

Energy saving power boards are ideal for the environment because they reduce electricity consumption. This item has master and slave sockets that can detect power usage above 30 Watts. Once this is detected the slave outlets are enabled eg, Switch one item on and the other items switch on automatically. Also this item is part of the Green Energy series.
$39.99 incl tax

Subwoofer Cable with RCA Connectors 1.5M

Exclusive White Pearl subwoofer cable with 24k gold plated RCA connectors is perfect for subwoofer speakers. Length: 1.5metres. 1 RCA plug to 1 RCA plug interface. 6mm Audiophile grade lead. Suitable for subwoofer speaker, Centre channel speaker and other audio equipment.
$14.99 incl tax
New Product 19 inch Shelf - Wednesday, March 15, 2017
We have extended our range of shelves for data centre rack cabinets. There are varying sizes to accommodate deeper cabinets. The shelf products can be found in Server Racks and Cabinets category.
The nbn™ Multi Technology Mix - Wednesday, March 08, 2017
The nbn have published information on their Multi Technology Mix (MTM) network being rolled out across Australia. The various technology being implemented is explained in detail, as well as, with informative illustrations to highlight how it will basically work. For example there are several MTM options available however nbn Australia will decide which MTM is connected, such as FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, wireless and satellite.
nbn Highlights Virtual Streaming Benefits - Thursday, March 02, 2017
nbn™ Australia highlights virtual streaming across multiple platforms on their broadband network to create a musical sound track. The users produced this sound track without ever meeting face-to-face. The collaboration was achieved according to nbn, entirely online, in the "artists’ bedrooms via the nbn™ network, with the help of musical maestro and GQ Breakthrough Solo Artist of 2016, Harts.  Using video conferencing, file transfer sites and social media, ‘Firefly’ is a celebration of music truly becoming borderless".
CITS on Facebook - Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Our customers and visitors can sign in to their account with their Facebook account. Furthermore check our Facebook page to get updates and read interesting articles on our official CITS Store Facebook page. Like us @
Notebook Stand with Cooling Fan - Thursday, February 09, 2017
The heatwaves Australia has been experiencing this summer have been constant and extreme. Our body temperatures rise of course during a heatwave. So do our notebooks and mobile tablets which can overheat the devices especially the batteries inside. Heat is the number one factor to shorten a battery's holding charge time and life significantly. Hence take a look at the DeepCool Notebook Stand with Cooling Fan very stylish and beneficial to the longevity of batteries.
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