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Fibre To the Premises or Fibre To The Node

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19” Rack Mount Power Board

6 outlets, surge protection for spikes with 10Amps rated 240V. Illuminated master power switch. 10A Resettable fuse button. Single MOV Spike arrester surge protection. 1 Metre power cord with right angle plug.
From $22.99 incl tax

Crimping Tool Kit

The Datamaster® crimping toolkit is a precision steel hand tool for the professional. Three individual dies allow accurate termination of 4-position, 6-position and 8-position modular plugs. 6 position die also has an adjustment to accept MMP plugs. High quality. Includes carry case, connection assist and plugs.
$145.00 incl tax

Energy Saver Power Board

Energy saving power boards are ideal for the environment because they reduce electricity consumption. This item has master and slave sockets that can detect power usage above 30 Watts. Once this is detected the slave outlets are enabled eg, Switch one item on and the other items switch on automatically. Also this item is part of the Green Energy series.
$39.99 incl tax

Metal Power Board 4 Outlets

Large adaptor socket for spacing power plugs easily. Built-in surge protector EMI / RFI filter included. Illuminated power switch. 10 Amps resettable fuse and yellow in colour. 1.2 metres length power cord. Heavy duty metal enclosure.
From $29.99 incl tax

PowerCube Extended USB

PowerCube® Extended USB with 4 outlets and 2 USB sockets. The PowerCube® Extended USB is a uniquely designed power distributor that features a four-outlet cube at the end of a 1.5 metre flexible lead and also two USB sockets for 2.1A charging of accessories etc. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone, tablets.
From $29.99 incl tax

Stereo Twin RCA OFC Cable 0.8 Metre

Stereo audio high quality Oxygen-Free Copper are 99.9% pure copper with double shielding and cellular polyethylene insulated jacket. Plugs are gold plated RCA connectors. Electric Blue Colour Jacket.
From $7.99 incl tax

Subwoofer Cable with RCA Connectors 1.5M

Exclusive White Pearl subwoofer cable with 24k gold plated RCA connectors is perfect for subwoofer speakers. Length: 1.5metres. 1 RCA plug to 1 RCA plug interface. 6mm Audiophile grade lead. Suitable for subwoofer speaker, Centre channel speaker and other audio equipment.
$14.99 incl tax

Short HDMI Locking Cable with Ethernet

EasyLock HDMI cable with high-speed Ethernet support. Furthermore locking plugs that extend and hold the plug in place securely. Fully compatible with any existing HDMI receptacle. V1.4 with Ethernet, 3D, 2K x 4K (4x 1080p) support. Length: 0.5 metre. Colour (Red, Green) used to help visualise locked position.
$21.99 incl tax

1 Metre HDMI Plug to HDMI Plug Cable

HDMI cable with Ethernet, Length: 1 metre, high-grade HDTV digital signal interconnect for premium quality. AV-Link cables are fully ATC tested, 192 Braided 24AWG Quad shielded cables to prevent interference for audiophile enthusiasts. HDMI plug to HDMI plug 24K gold plated connectors.
From $17.00 incl tax
Australia's Emergency Alert System - Sunday, September 25, 2016
The threat of bush fires during summer and unpredictable natural disasters has devastating effects on peoples lives and property. Hence the 'emergency alert' system operational in Australia utilises mobile phone and landline telephones to provide an immediate alert to people. A text message is sent to mobiles and a voice message is sent to landlines. Moreover Telstra as well as other telecommunication companies have been interactive with this beneficial use of communications.
cool australia's enviroweek 2016 - Friday, September 16, 2016
Enviroweek is between September 11 to 17, 2016 so get involved today because the environment we live in matters. #Enviroweek has been a regular national event on the schools’ calendar since 2010, building a generation of solutionaries. More than 1 million Enviroweek actions have been taken up by 522,000 Aussie kids since 2010. Enviroweek is run by Cool Australia, a not-for-profit organisation bringing real world learning for life to Aussie kids and teachers. In the past year Cool Australia has supported more than 26,000 teachers and 625,000 students with award-winning resources and online professional development.
Hallway Automatic Night Light Sensor - Thursday, September 08, 2016
Features a rotatable plastic cover to angle the light as desired. The long life 100,000 hour LED and automatic on/off switching (based on ambient light) make this nightlight very energy efficient also. The compact design keeps nearby power outlets accessible.
Virtual Reality Technology - Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Will Virtual Reality #VR #technology be a must for small to medium sized businesses in Australia by 2020 via
Hardware Maintenance Season - Friday, September 02, 2016
Spring has arrived which means the weather will be much warmer soon. Hence preparation is required to ensure electrical equipment can be operated at optimal performance. Maintenance of electrical heaters for storage should be performed such as wiping off dust and storing in a dry place. Furthermore our desktop computers, cash registers and office equipment require maintenance also. The air vents on computers collect an enormous amounts of dust and fluff. Therefore cleaning the dust from vents to ensure airflows freely will help keep computers cooler in the warmer months, and performing to their optimal.
Fibre To the Premises or Fibre To The Node
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