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Fibre To the Premises or Fibre To The Node

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19” Rack Mount Power Board

6 outlets, surge protection for spikes with 10Amps rated 240V. Illuminated master power switch. 10A Resettable fuse button. Single MOV Spike arrester surge protection. 1 Metre power cord with right angle plug.
From $22.99 incl tax

Crimping Tool Kit

The Datamaster® crimping toolkit is a precision steel hand tool for the professional. Three individual dies allow accurate termination of 4-position, 6-position and 8-position modular plugs. 6 position die also has an adjustment to accept MMP plugs. High quality. Includes carry case, connection assist and plugs.
$145.00 incl tax

Energy Saver Power Board

Energy saving power boards are ideal for the environment because they reduce electricity consumption. This item has master and slave sockets that can detect power usage above 30 Watts. Once this is detected the slave outlets are enabled eg, Switch one item on and the other items switch on automatically. Also this item is part of the Green Energy series.
$45.99 incl tax

Metal Power Board 4 Outlets

Large adaptor socket for spacing power plugs easily. Built-in surge protector EMI / RFI filter included. Illuminated power switch. 10 Amps resettable fuse and yellow in colour. 1.2 metres length power cord. Heavy duty metal enclosure.
From $29.99 incl tax

Stereo Twin RCA OFC Cable 0.8 Metre

Stereo audio high quality Oxygen-Free Copper are 99.9% pure copper with double shielding and cellular polyethylene insulated jacket. Plugs are gold plated RCA connectors. Electric Blue Colour Jacket.
From $7.99 incl tax

Subwoofer Audio Single Lead 1.5M

Pearl Audio Single cable 1.5metres. 1 RCA Plug to 1 RCA Plug AUDIO TYPE 6mm Audiophile grade lead. Suitable for Sub-woofers, Centre channel and other audio.
$14.99 incl tax
Power distribution units PDU with thermal magnetic circuit breakers are advantageous in operation to surges of current for both large and small over-currents i.e. short circuits. The electromagnet responds instantaneously to large surges in current to prevent severe damage to expensive and crucial IT infrastructure. Whereas the bimetallic strip are designed to respond to smaller, longer-term over-currents. This clever combination of over-current protection by Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers is ideal in server cabinets.
CCTV Mounting Brackets - Wednesday, June 08, 2016
We have numerous brackets for mounting security cameras indoors and outdoors. Depending on your preference there are thermoplastic, alloy metal and enamel powder coated types available. You can select simple CCTV brackets for home surveillance systems if you're limited for funds. However for installation of IP security cameras and business scenarios you should be looking at brackets that conceal the wires if tampering of system is accessible to thieves and the weather. For cameras mounted high on walls covered with eaves it isn't crucial other than aesthetically.
DataCentre Server Rooms PDU - Sunday, May 29, 2016
The design of #datacentres can be very complex when pursuing energy efficiency and cooling methods for IT equipment. It's important also to ensure your server rooms for small-medium sized business are designed with similar features of modern data centres. Leading manufacturers will adhere to guidelines set by organisations such as ASHRAE and IEEE. Key aspects include architecture, electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, security and location. However we'll focus on server room IT equipment here for small business scenarios. Power distribution units (PDU) for Aus/NZ standards use single phase 240Volts 50Hz for the majority of server rooms. The current supply utilised can be 10amp and 15amp depending on the design of your network. Large IT equipment including uninterruptible power supplies may require 15amp. Locally designed Prolink PDUs are ideal for Australian server rooms and are made for 19 inch rack cabinets.
19 inch Rack Power Rails - Wednesday, May 11, 2016
We have plenty of 19 inch rack power rails available for size 482.6mm server cabinets. The power distribution units PDU in stock are ideal for horizontal or vertical mounting. Furthermore several power strips have built-in protection by thermal or thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, and shrouded to prevent accidental operation. Additionally, the IEC-Lock cables are available too for added security for critical power supplies such as for sensitive medical equipment.
V Fitness Activity Monitor - Friday, April 29, 2016
The V-Fitness activity monitor allows you to set goals, view real time result, keep track of pass achievements and give you notification when you accomplished your goals. V Fitness activity monitor will keep on working. It’s also longer lasting with up to 5 days* of use between charges. The V Fitness activity monitor can really go the distance!
Fibre To the Premises or Fibre To The Node
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