19 Inch Rack Power Strips

Friday, August 28, 2015

How to decide on choosing a vertical or horizontal power strip

There are numerous 19 inch rack power strips on the market. This can be daunting when planning the power distribution units (PDU) required for new projects. Remember server cabinets are manufactured to specific dimensions such as 19 inch (482.6 mm) wide and 23 inch wide rack cabinets. While the rack cabinet height is usually 42U high. Furthermore, you'll see power strips product descriptions, indicating whether the item suits, e.g. vertical or horizontal mounting in the cabinet. This is a pivotal aspect in planning the project because the width of horizontal PDUs are restricted to the width of the 19 inch rack cabinets.

Therefore if the width of the 19 inch rack cabinet is restricted so is the number of power outlets on the PDU. However several power strips can have outlets on the front and rear of the PDU. Furthermore you can consider using a 2U board also to accommodate more power outlets. Though most ICT installers will opt for a vertical power strip to achieve the required number of outlets. 

A rack unit is represented with the letter U = 1.752 inches (44.50 mm) while 2U = 3.5 inches (88.9mm). We won't go into the fasteners and rails that are utilised to securely mount the electronic equipment because its outside the scope of this news story (see our installation documents for detailed information).

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