20 Metres HDMI Plug To HDMI Plug Cable

Length: 20 metres, digital high definition multimedia interface interconnect for superior picture and sound quality. High grade for Hi-End signal. Fully ATC Tested, 192 Braided 24AWG, shielded cables for audiophile enthusiasts. HDMI 24K gold plated connectors.
SKU: AVL6920
$99.00 incl tax

A HDMI cable with ferrite bead filters purpose is to reduce intererence to maintain an optimum signal. Furthermore ferrite beads mitigate interference in two directions i.e. from a device or to a device.

HDMI Ethernet Channel

  1. Consolidation of HD video, audio, and data in a single cable
  2. Enables high speed bi-directional communication
  3. Enables IP-based applications over HDMI
  4. Transfer speeds up to 100Mbps



  • Length: 20 metres
  • Digital uncompressed signal transfer
  • HDMI cable with Ethernet technology
  • 3D support for up to 1080p 1080i resolution
  • High-definition television (HDTV) multimedia cable to suit home theatre systems.
  • Premium grade AV-Link low-loss cable.
  • Fully ATC Tested V1.4 HDMI
  • 192 Braided 24AWG Quad-shielded cable.
  • HDMI-A 24K gold plated connectors.

Suits compatible devices such as, HDTV, AV receivers, game consoles, computers, projectors, DVD players, digital set-top box and video displays.

Note: Most modern televisions, computers, HD recording devices, notebooks, and projectors are equipped with at least one HDMI port. Check your user manual if unsure.


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