6 Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard with Telecom and TV Surge Protection

6 Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard with Telecom and TV Surge Protection. The PT6012 is ideal for both Home Entertainment and Computer Systems. Featuring 6 surge protected outlets to power and help protect your valuable electronic equipment from damaging power spikes. Includes additional surge protection for your internet / telephone line as well as TV antenna / Pay TV set top boxes.
SKU: PT6012
$37.99 incl tax

The 2 spaced power outlets will provide additional space to accommodate bulky power packs and chargers.

LED indicator lights will confirm the status of surge protection, earth / grounding and power availability through a large master switch.


6 Power Outlets

• 2 Spaced Sockets

• Surge Protection

• Circuit Breaker

• Slimline Design

• Spaced Socket for Plug

• Packs Screw Slot Mounting

• Right Angle Plug

Product information: Voltage 240VAC~ / 50Hz Current 10A (Max.) Power Rating 2400 Watt (max) Protection Mode Active, Neutral, Earth Power Surge Current 18,000 Amps Surge Protection MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Energy Absorption (outlets) 700 Joules Energy Absorption (phone line) 350 Joules Energy Absorption (F Connector) Gas Tube Arrestor On/Off Switch  Blue illuminated Response Time <20 ns Indicator Warning Lights LED Protected / Grounded Filtration Protection: RFI/EMI Lead Length 1.8 Metre

Product Dimensions:

Height: 240mm
Width: 95mm
Depth: 48mm
Weight: 0.321kg
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