6.35mm Plug to Socket Stereo Lead

Audio extension cable for stereo audio applications with ΒΌ connectors. 6.35mm to 6.35mm plug to socket Stereo connectors. Length 8metres. Colour black. Straight cord.
Manufacturer: DAI1CHI
SKU: AL732
$11.99 incl tax

Audio extension cable with 6.35mm (¼ in) connectors for audio applications such as headphones, HiFi, CD Players, music systems etc.

High quality 6.35mm stereo plug to 6.35mm stereo socket extension lead for recording studio, home and professional component equipment.

Length 8metres.

Colour black.

Straight cord.

Male Plug to Female Socket 6.35mm (¼ in) connectors.

TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) Connectors.

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