About Us

Ecommerce Business Operational in Australia

CITS Store is part of Corporeal IT Solutions - we support, supply products and provide services suitable for Australian telecommunications requirements according to ACMA, IEEE, ISO and AS/NZ standards. Furthermore we sell audio video cables, power distribution units (PDU), as well as electrical components and computer network cabling products for individuals, business, charitable organistions, educational institutes and Government departments across Australia.

Sourced from local suppliers first to ensure high-quality products are implemented, and if they aren't manufactured in Australia, then from international businesses that conform to Australian Standards, such as ACMA, IEEE and ISO strict regulations.

We're meeting the requirements of an ever-evolving technology driven world by supplying leading technology. Additionally CITS strives to be an internet responsible business.

Mission Statement

Our management and staff are committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction in the delivery of goods and services to meet high expectations from tech savvy customers. Moreover we strive to better understand the customer and listen to their requirements to achieve a quality outcome.

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