ACCC Releases Safety Recalls to Aussie Consumers

Friday, August 29, 2014

A recent Product Safety Recall from the ACCC was released on the 27th August 2014

For Example: Product Safety Recall: INFINITY & OLSENT branded Infinity TPS & Orange Round Electrical Cables

What are the defects?

The cables fail the required ageing tests of AS/NZS 5000.2:2006. The insulation could become prematurely brittle with age.

What are the hazards?

If the insulation becomes brittle and the cables are disturbed, the insulation could break and expose live conductors, resulting in possible electric shock or fires.

Traders who sold this product

'INFINITY' branded cables were supplied by:

(1) Mitre 10 (Sep - Oct 2013)
(2) John Danks & Son to "Home Timber & Hardware" (Jul - Sep 2013)
(3) John Danks & Son to "Thrifty-Link Hardware" (Jul - Sep 2013)
(4) John Danks & Son to "Plants Plus" and independent hardware stores (Jul - Sep 2013)
(5) Pioneer Electrical Supplies
(6) Salmon Bros. Data and Electrical
(7) United Electrical and Data Supplies
(8) Alliance Electrical Wholesalers
(9) Sydney Electrical Wholesalers
(10) HEM Queensland
(11) Ramax Electrical Wholesalers
(12) Network Electrical Supplies
(13) Go Electrical
(14) Advanced Electrical Wholesalers
(15) EZLEC Trade Supplies
(16) Project Lighting
(17) Popes Electrical and Data Supplies

Both 'INFINITY' and 'OLSENT' branded cables were supplied by:

(18) Masters Home Improvement (Mar 2012 - Sep 2013)

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