Android Smartphones Factory Reset

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Recommendations by Stay Smart Online

StaySmartOnline is an Australian Government initiative and they have provided this security information to Australian users.

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Keep your mobile device with you at all times. Remember if your mobile device is unsecured and it is lost or stolen:

  • it could be used to access your money or to steal your identity using information on your device
  • you may have lost irreplaceable data (if it is not backed up)
  • it may provide access to your social media accounts which could enable someone to pose as you, or steal your identity using your profile information (such as your date of birth and photo)
  • someone may use your phone or its Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and rack up telephone charges to your account.

Remember your smartphone or tablet is a mini-computer and you need to protect and secure it just as you would your home or laptop computer. Treat your smartphone like your wallet; keep it safe and with you at all times.

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