Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Mobile Phone

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Listen to music on your phone and tablet via your home audio speaker system! Awesome

Simply pair your Bluetooth enabled device such as your smart phone, iPad, Android tablet and connect the BMR3X to your AV receiver, multimedia speakers and more. With our inclusion of the highly renowned apt-X codec, the BMR3X allows you to enjoy wireless Bluetooth audio quality indistinguishable from wired, with an impressive dynamic range. Apart from apt-X, the BMR3X features a high-quality DAC that helps clean up poor audio that is often found in downloaded music and videos.

The BMR3X outputs audio with both analogue and digital outputs simultaneously! Not only does this make it great for hooking up to your high-end amplifier or receiver using the high quality digital link, but you can also plug in another pair of powered speakers at the same time! This allows you to listen through either system without the need to connect to another Bluetooth device!

PRO.2 Bluetooth audio receiver

PRO.2 Bluetooth audio receiver

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