Protect Your Ears With Bulllant Earmuffs

Friday, February 05, 2016

See The Range of Bullant Earmuffs

Work safe occupational health and safety (OHS) is important to all Australians at the work place and in homes. Especially your ears can be permanently damaged by excessive noises, such as loud music, chain saws, noisy machinery, leaf blowers and lawnmowers. Moreover the damage can lead to a condition called Tinnitus.

Take a look at the earmuffs by Bullant that are available as a passive model or with AM/FM radio music capability. Furthermore there is a model with Bluetooth technology built-in.

Designed to fit comfortably while wearing a safety helmet, the band fits behind the neck. Quality made light-weight Weather resistant long-life Soft cushion full earpads. Bright yellow and black.

Bullant brand earmuffs packaged product

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