Coalition Broadband Survey

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well the recent ABC media talk pertinent to the NBN was from Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm's comments and a coalition survey have generated strong opinions from both sides of the debate.

Who is right?

Those that complete the survey will find an Internet speed test at the end. It'll provide upload and download data speed rates for your Internet connection. The speed test appears to prefer you testing your home Internet connection.

Why not try.

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12/12/2012 4:03 PM
When will our area have the superfast broadband

I want to know why it's taking so long to reach our Carlingford area?

Since the rollout is taking a lot longer than the Government said, I prefer Turnbull's plan.

Finally the speed test results was interesting.  

12/12/2012 4:08 PM
NBN Roll-out timetable

You can visit the NBN website to check your location ETA for the NBN roll-out map at link

ETA is very rough though.

12/12/2012 8:38 PM
Is it worth the wait????

What do you think about the NBN?
Is it worth the wait,cost and headache waiting for Gillard's plan to come about?
I would like the most efficient broadband.
I'm in Sydney

12/14/2012 1:44 PM
There are many pros and cons to the NBN controversy

The NBN has numerous positive aspects that will be clear when it's finally implemented and accessible to all Australians. However the negative aspects are numerous as well.
You have to weigh up the pros and cons yourself to see if you think it's worth it, for example,
Superfast broadband speeds while surfing the internet
Coverage area for NBN will be available to all Australians with 93% fibre-based to premises. Then wireless and satellite to the 7% rest
Download movies faster
Upload data faster
Distance from the exchange not a problem anymore
Making high quality video phone calls
More users on same connection won't affect speeds
Streaming TV online*
The estimated cost to tax payers between 37billion – 50billion dollars AUD
The Government’s secrecy when asked about cost
The very slow time taking to connect homes to the NBN
Slow up-take of consumers to purchase the faster plans
Some areas ETA unknown for installation
ISP will charge more for the faster data plans
Duplication of some infrastructure
Speed achieved depends on hardware equipment quality
Speed achieved depends on software quality
Speed achieved depends on how your service provider designs its network

12/23/2012 8:04 PM
NBN is great for country areas and outer suburbs

The NBN is only great if you have a slow internet connection. The city folk are subsidising many remote users. Other government services will suffer because Labour's plan hasn't left much taxes for much else.  

9/10/2013 9:06 PM
New Coalition government elected 2013

It'll be interesting to see if any immediate changes are implemented to the NBN with the new government elected.

More than likely it'll be business as usual until the coalition get organised.

Also it's been reported former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski will head the NBN.

12/30/2013 5:07 PM
NBN Co delivers its strategic review to Mr Turnbull

Hopefully the Coalitions communication’s minister will announce their NBN rollout plans soon. Since the huge NBN project started there’s been several major delays, for example the systemic lack of ensuring fibre splicing workers are adequately trained and tested before being employed to avoid redoing their work. The asbestos located in existing infrastructure, the slow overall progress of the project by incompetent management, the low signup rates by new NBN customers, the lack of transparency and misleading completion rates is frustrating. In addition, the NBN customers that signup to the providers have to pay high-monthly costs such as $100 per month if they want the faster rates and bigger download limits.