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Sunday, May 29, 2016

IEC power distribution unitThe design of #datacentres can be very complex when pursuing energy efficiency and cooling methods for IT equipment. It's important also to ensure your server rooms for small-medium business are designed with similar features of modern data centres. Leading manufacturers will adhere to guidelines set by organisations such as ASHRAE and IEEE. Key aspects include architecture, electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, security and location. However we'll focus on server room IT equipment here for small business scenarios. Power distribution units (PDU) for Aus/NZ standards use single phase 240Volts 50Hz wiring for the majority of server rooms. The current supply utilised can be 10amp and 15amp depending on the design of your network. Large IT equipment including uninterruptible power supplies may require 15amp. Locally designed Prolink PDUs are ideal for Australian server rooms and are made for 19 inch rack cabinets.

The large UPS will require IEC cables preferably with locking feature on the cable built-in to reduce plugs falling out. The latter is more common than you'd think for example a major petrol service station retailer found this out the hard way. An IEC C19 / C20 connection was loose on the UPS from being knocked by staff which caused all the registers POS to be down. Many unhappy customers weren't pleased about waiting for IT support staff to get the petrol attendant to ensure all cables were securely connected.

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