Compression Crimper Tool Professional

This precision hand crimp tool employs a ratchet action ensuring correct crimping pressure is applied for reliable, trouble-free compression of our CP0720 series water-proof BNC, RCA, PAL and F-type coaxial connectors.
Manufacturer: Datamaster
SKU: T0040
$80.00 incl tax

The Datamaster® T0040 Compression Crimp Tool is used to crimp BNC, RCA or F-Type compression connectors onto RG59, RG6 dual-shield or RG6 quad-shield coaxial cables.

The Compression connector crimp tool T0040 consists of:

- The Crimp Tool

- An “F-Nut”

- A “Flat Nut”

Operating instructions ship with tool. Instructions have full details and pictures explaining how to strip cables in steps right thru to crimping the connectors.

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