Earmuffs with Audio

Hearing protection with audio music capability

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Earmuffs AM/FM Radio and AUX Audio Input

BULLANT PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE Block out external noise and listen to your favourite Am/FM radio station or connect these Earmuff’s to your multimedia device (such as an iphone, iPod, etc) via the external 3.5mm aux audio input.

Earmuffs with Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Audio

BULLANT Earmuffs with Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology and an AM/FM stereo tuner will help protect your ears while working. These Earmuffs not only block out external noise but have complete Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to answer phone calls and enjoy work in unison.

Ear Plugs

Foam Earplugs. Super comfortable malleable foam 3x separate pairs in sealed bags. Ideal for noisy environments and to protect your ears.

Ear Plugs with Nylon Cord

Hearing protector solution includes 2 pairs of earplugs with fitted cord. This product can be washed and then reused. Furthermore the plugs are comfortable to use under safety helmets. Colour orange with soft nylon cord. Protection for your hearing.

Ear Muffs for Safety Helmet

Passive earmuffs ideal to wear with your hard hat. Rear metal band. Designed to fit comfortably while wearing a safety helmet the band fits behind the neck. Quality made light-weight Weather resistant long-life Soft cushion full earpads Bright yellow and black.
From $18.99

Bullant -85dB Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

ACTIVE EAR PROTECTION. Inbuilt audio electronics actively reduce noise levels over 85dB! Excellent fatigue improvement Sound Level Conversion (SLC80) Class 1 A/NZ Standard 1270:2002 Noise reduction ear protection Requires 2x “AA” Batteries. Note: Out of Stock.
From $23.99

AM/FM Stereo Earmuff Radio

Ear protection device with inbuilt AM/FM Radio so you can listen to news and tunes while you work. Requires 2x “AA” Batteries.
From $27.99


Bullant earmuffs. Volume control. Lightweight and comfortable. Complies to Aus/NZ standards. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included) Attenuates noise levels above 85dB. Tested to standard: AS/NZS 1270:2002 SLC80 rating: 22, Class 4. DISCONTINUED
From $70.00

Bluetooth Handsfree Earmuffs

Bluetooth earmuffs with AM/FM 3.5mm in and LCD display. Stereo AM/FM Radio. Built in Bluetooth module. Hands free, listen to music after pairing to other Bluetooth devices. 3.5mm Auxiliary input jack for connection to other Audio devices. LCD display for clock and frequency display. Built-in microphone.