Energy Saving Automatic Power Board

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Jackson design team have researched, developed and tested this product to ensure it will save electricity. Furthermore the energy saver power board is ideal for home and office use. Additionally, they've provided credible information to back up their claims as well as demonstrated their commitment in making energy efficient power boards.

Here is more information on the Energy Saver Power Board highlighted today (see more below):

The PT9778 is a ‘Smart’ powerboard that detects when the power in the ‘Master’ socket is On/Off and automatically switches the four slave sockets into the same state. This saves energy by reducing standby energy consumption of the appliances in the ‘Slave’ sockets to zero when the ‘Master’ is not in use. One of the most significant sources of waste and expense is “standby power”. This is power that is consumed by appliances even when they are sitting idle. When appliances remain in an active status while not being used, for example DVD players, amplifiers, monitors, printers and scanners they all consume “standby power”. The Jackson (PT9778) Energy Saving Power Board will reduce the consumption of “standby power” that is used by these peripherals. This is the easy and efficient way to save power and reduce your power bill.

Typical example: Average standby power used at 100 Watts x 140 hours per week x average cost of power calculated over a calender year. This example is based on a high performance domestic audio visual system including a Plasma, DVD player, Amplifier, Cable TV set top box, VCR and subwoofer. This example assumes system is operating for a 4 hour period each day. The level of standby power saved in this example is 725kWh/ year - equating to approximatley $145.00 in power costs. The power saved (725kWh) is equivalent to 754kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Calculations - September 2010 source available:

Take a look at the energy saver power board see link below:


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