ESD Grounding Sockets

Electrostatic discharge ESD grounding sockets control. ESD grounding socket with easy mounting. Two button fastener fits ESD cords, mats etc. Plus two 4mm banana sockets allows easy connecting of banana plugs.
$2.99 incl tax


ESD grounding socket with easy mounting. Two button fastener and two 4mm banana sockets.

Protect your devices and machine from potential damage caused by static electricity or other electrical charged objects near your expensive components.

Remember most people carry a small amount of electric charge without even knowing it. When working on sensitive electrical components a small electric discharge is enough to cause permanent damage that cannot be repaired.

This item is essential for every electronics technician and home computer hobbyist.

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Electrostatic discharge ESD Earth Plug also known as an antistatic plug adaptor. Suitable for eliminating electrostatic from units during repair, earthing a work bench, etc. Clipsal. Approved. Green.
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