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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The older system named analogue will be replaced with the newer digital system because it offers more features to the consumers and broadcasters. For example, more TV channels can be broadcasted by the TV stations to allow you more choice in the programs you watch. The picture quality has improved with digital signals that can display sharper images and more realistic viewing experiences with high-definition HD TV shows. Additionally the digital signals are required if you intend to use surround sound systems and home theatre type speaker systems.

If you can view TV channels like 73mate or ONE HD or 99GO then you have digital already. If you're not sure check the TV remote to see if those channels are available.
Tip! Don't forget to auto scan for all channels via the TV onscreen OSD if you have a newer TV or set top box.

Sydney goes digital on 3rd December 2013 and analogue will be switched off.

To see when your location goes digital visit Digital Ready

The Government's Digital Ready website is by far their best online site created by miles. For instance even the signal strength quality for regions are included and where the transmitters are positioned. As well as pop-up messages specific to locations advising which TV channels may have poor signal quality. 

Tip! Sometimes adjusting the direction of your antenna can improve picture signal.

There is an enormous amount of good information available at the Australian Government's Digital Ready website for novices and experienced TV installers.

Tip! Use high quality RG6 type coaxial for TV antennas not the older RG59.

How to connect digital TV options in Australia 

 How to connect digital TV options in Australia

To see a Digital set top box, DVR recorder and HDTV Twin Tuners visit Digital Set Top Box DVR Recorder

Call the Digital Ready Information Line: 1800 20 10 13

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