Hardware Maintenance Season

Friday, September 02, 2016

Spring has arrived which means the weather will be much warmer soon. Hence preparation is required to ensure electrical equipment can be operated at optimal performance. Maintenance of electrical heaters for storage should be performed such as wiping off dust and storing in a dry place. Furthermore our desktop computers, cash registers and office equipment require maintenance also. The air vents on computers collect an enormous amounts of dust and fluff. Therefore cleaning the dust from vents to ensure airflows freely will help keep computers cooler in the warmer months, and performing to their optimal.

You can clean air vents on desktop computers with a suitable cloth and non-flammable aerosol spray cans known as 'air duster'. Cleaning the vents are easy so there's no excuses. Furthermore allow adequate space around the computers because when they start getting hotter the performance drops I.e. Running slower in speed.

The dust removal for inside of computers should be performed by tech savvy people and the IT staff. However be mindful of static electricity so you can checkout our antistatic products as well.

EAD Air Duster Aerosol

Air Duster Spray Can

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