Fibre Optic and Coaxial Crimping Tool

This crimper tool is ideal for F N BNC UHF SMA and ST SC connectors. Popular Hexagon Crimp ratchet. From diameter 1.07mm to 4.52mm - Suits coaxial cable, optic cable also “Beldin 8218" crimp. Replaceable jaws.
$61.99 incl tax

Made for professionals like engineers and technicians to last a lifetime of use.

F N BNC UHF SMA and ST SC type connectors

Popular high quality HEX Crimp ratchet. From sizes 1.07mm to 4.52mm HEX

This crimping tool suits coaxial cable and fibre optical cable and also “Beldin 8218" crimps.


Code JAW336J (Note: when ordering spare jaw)

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