IEC Medical Power Cords

Monday, November 07, 2016

Medical Power Lead with 90° Angle Plug

The IEC C13 plug to 3 pin plug in medical grade colour orange power cord with clear plugs for safe, tidy and unobtrusive connection to hospital equipment in a secure manner.

This compact IEC plug enables a secure connection behind crucial medical equipment to prevent an apparatus being disconnected accidently or squashed etc.


  • Rated 250volts 10amps maximum.
  • Cable length 2metres.
  • 75°C maximum.
  • AS/NZS3191.
  • Colour orange.
  • See thru plugs IEC C13 to 3 pin prong connector.
  • 3x0.75mm² active, neutral and earth.

IEC Medical Power Cords

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