Jackson Industries is an Australian owned electrical products manufacturer such as power boards, USB power chargers and travel adapters etc.

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Night Light with Built-in Clock

Electroluminescent Nightlight with Clock. Features a bright aqua blue clock face to illuminate the clock and function as a nightlight too. Plugs directly into a mains outlet i.e. standard home power point. Analogue clock movement on a 50mm clock face for excellent visibility. Energy saver device. This product is not currently available.

Power Board 4 Way with Hanging Chain

Includes 5 metres hanging chain and 5 metres mains lead that allows you to hang it from the roof or fixture. Four sockets. Helps eliminate the hazard of having power boards and mains leads running on the floor. Rated 240VAC 10A. Note out of stock currently, but back soon.

Jackson IEC Powerboard 5 Outlets

5-Way Powerboard with Wide Spaced Sockets and IEC inlet. A great powerboard for computers and UPS (uninterruptable power supply) units. Note: Available in NSW only.