LAN Cable Tester

LAN Cable Tester will locate faults in network data circuits for RJ45, RJ11, USB and coaxial cables. Check for Short / Open / Crossover circuit etc. BNC (Base10) and USB (A-B). RJ11 Modem / Phone cable. RJ45 CAT5 Network UTP / STP each wire (8+) is tested individually and conclusively. Includes pouch. Size 145mm x 86mm x 25mm. Requires 9V battery.

Information and Communications Technology Cable Tester

Remote cable tester open / short wire testing.


  • Can test RJ11, RJ45, USB and BNC cables
  • Fast speed in testing and fast reaction during test process
  • Terminator 25 ohm / 50 ohm indications
  • Straight or crossover indication 
  • Battery good or Battery low indication
  • LED clear indicators
  • Can test from two remote points 
  • One step operation - test button 
  • Clear reading for wire status 
  • 9V Alkaline battery powered
  • RJ11 and RJ45 are equipped with 50u" gold plating
  • Palm size with carrying bag
  • Maximum cable length 300 feet

Connection interfaces BNC - 10Base-2 / 10Base-5, RJ45 networking, RJ11 phone system, USB type A/B 


  • 9V Battery 
  • Dimensions 144mm x 86mm x 25.5mm
  • Net weight 168g.
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