National Science Week Australia 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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National Science Week August 2015

The National Science Week is held from 15 August to 23 August 2015 in Australia.  Its purpose is to celebrate science and technology with science events showcasing the brilliance of science across Australia. Moreover it's an initiative to inspire children, teachers and students from numerous schools to participate in science events. Additionally, CSIRO Discovery - Lecture Theatre, Acton, ACT and Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, NSW have amazing science events worth checking out by the public. Watch amazing science videos and attend public science events.

There has been amazing science discoveries throughout time, some to improve human life, while conversely some the opposite. For example, the cochlear implant has improved hearing for people; however the atomic bomb is created to destroy life.

Then you have clever scientists from the CSIRO that deveolped and patented WiFi technology in 1990 to the world. How brilliant is WiFi we use it in our homes and workplace to avoid messy cables.

Scientists have walked the earth from Anaximander (Greek) discovers depth in space to Tim Berners-Lee (English) leading the way to invention of the World Wide Web (WWW).


Pythagoras - Musical scale

Archimedes - Levers and pulleys

Zhang Heng - first seismograph

Wilhelm Gottlieb Daimler - the motorcycle


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