NBN Announce 50% Project Almost Completed

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The nbn media centre has confirmed the nbn roll-out half-way mark is in sight this year. This massive infrastructure project to deliver fast internet to every Australian household was a daunting task. However the staff involved at nbn are doing a superb job to bring enhanced data speeds to all Australians via cable, wireless and satellite technology.

nbn CEO, Bill Morrow said:

“Mid-way through the year, half the nbn™ network will be completed. This will be a significant turning point as we aim to finish the build by 2020 and become the first fully-connected continent in the world.

“We have developed strong foundations, processes and systems, and this year we will be opening up the nbn™ network to new regions, including many metro areas for the first time.

“The intensified deployment will present challenges but the nbn team, along with our partners and retailers, is focused on a positive experience for customers and end users as we accelerate the build and connection rates to new records,” said Mr Morrow.

Complexity of connecting the entire continent

With the rapid pace of the build, nbn faces the additional challenge this year of deploying the nbn™ network into the higher density metro-areas where access to pits and existing infrastructure becomes more difficult. This may mean disruption from civil works, visible for the first time in cities.

“As the nbn™ network rolls out into cities we will be met with new problems to solve,” said Mr Morrow.

“We understand there will be some disruption for residents and business owners as the 14,000 people working across nbn and our delivery partners complete the task as soon as possible.”

“The payoff will be worth it, with universal connectivity delivering health, commerce, education and lifestyle benefits to all Australians,” he said.

 nbn satellites in AustraliaImage courtesy of nbn: Bourke, NSW Satellites station


Source available: http://www.nbnco.com.au/corporate-information/media-centre/media-releases/nbn-half-way-mark-in-sight-this-year.html



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