The nbn™ GranTechies Report

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tech Savvy Grandparents

According to a report published by the nbn™ into usage of the internet by older generations, has seen a significant increase in accessing the internet with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

"The nbn™ GranTechies Report,reveals themajority of these tech-savvy grandparents or ‘GranTechies’ couldn’t imagine their life without the internet (72 per cent) with the majority (93 per cent) admitting to jumping online every day".

nbn have announced "There are more than 3 million homes and businesses around the country which can already connect to the nbn™ network with the rollout scheduled to be complete by 2020".

Tech savvy internet usage report results
 Internet usage statistics with older generations

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Source available: nbn, 13 November 2016,


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