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6 Way Heavy Duty Power Board

6 Way heavy duty power board solidly built in safety yellow. Surge and overload protected with illuminated On/Off switch. EMI and RFI protection as well as handy wall mounting slots built into the casting. Spaced power socket to house bulky transformers and power packs. Bright orange colour for added safety. 1.2M power cord.
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Medical Power Cable Lockable

Medical power cable with an IEC lockable plug. IEC C13 Lock to 10Amp General Purpose Plug (GPO) clear for see-thru inspection. Medical power cables with IEC C13 lockable plugs suitable for various critical mains powered appliances that require a secure power source. Rated 240Vac 10amp. Length 50cm.
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Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless PIR

This customisable and intelligent wireless solar powered motion detector has 2 Dual PYRO Sensors processed by VLSI based electronics with movement speed spectrum analysis.
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10 Way Power Board with USB and Network Protection

10 Way Power Board with USB and Coax Network Protection. Ideal for electrical devices with many power cables. Suit entertainment systems and computer systems. Rated 240Vac 10Amp.
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Clip Over Wall Plate with USB and GPO

This clip over wall plate adaptor can be easily fixed to an existing single or double wall power outlet. You can use this to add USB charging outlets to your wall socket without hiring an electrician to rewire. Furthermore the wall plate cover has 2x AC power sockets and 2x USB outlets. The USB ports has an output of 3.4A in total to allow you to turn any wall outlet in a mobile device charging station. Embedded with surge protection and switchable night light, with sensor. Suits a wide variety of wall plates.
From $37.00 incl tax

19" 1RU Horizontal Plastic Finger Type Cable Manager

19" 1RU Horizontal Plastic Finger Type Cable Manager. Secure and organise the cables in your rack cabinet. The 19" 1RU plastic cable management duct can be used to keep your cables in your rack cabinet tidy. It has 12 wiring slots and each slot is about 15mm wide and 40mm deep to feed sort your cables through the slot. It includes a plastic cover that can be easily flipped open or closed to access the cables in the duct. Fits any standard 19" server rack and cabinet. Size: 480x65x43mm.
From $17.99 incl tax