New products

SCART Splitter Box 1 to 2

Distribution amplifier 1x SCART input split to 2x SCART output sockets. Compatible with all SCART standards, RGB, S-Video, stereo audio, composite V. Single way only (1 to 2) eg. 1 video to 2 monitors.

Single outlet power board with USB Charger

Single outlet power board with 4 USB charger sockets. Ideal for travel, the PT3USB3A provides one mains outlets plus four USB charging outlets (3.4 Amp) for charging for charging iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS units and many more devices.
From $20.99

Wire Stripping Tool

Designed for easy wire stripping. The alloy steel can strip all types of cable from AWG 10-24 gauge (0.13 -6.0mm), and the wire guide ensures the correct length is stripped time and time again. It incorporates a precision cutting blade for easy wire cutting. It also features quality crimping jaws.
From $29.99

Locking Rewireable IEC C13 Connector

IEC LOCK+ locking rewireable IEC C13. Retrofit in-field. Locks socket. Pull the red handle to unlock. Compatible with any C14 Plug. Rewireable - offering total flexibility when assembling cables. Slim design means it can easily be implemented in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance. Requires no other equipment or special inlets to secure item.
From $8.00

Medical Power Cable Lockable 3M

CLEAR PLUGS FOR INSPECTION Orange cable with clear plugs for directly viewing connection integrity. Refered to as Medical Cords, can be used for any application. Unique ‘Patented’ female CLEAR C13 socket, suitable for use with any standard IEC connector. Protects computer, medical and other important equipment from accidental disconnection. Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration or accidental movement.
From $18.99

IEC C7 Appliance Power Cord

2-core light duty power cord as used on some small appliances. Fitted with IEC-C7 connector and an Australian 2-pin mains plug. Length 2 metres. Colour white. Core 0.75mm². Rated 240Vac 10Amp.