Portable Power Block with Safety Switch

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Arlec Power Block incorporates a Safety Switch (Residual Current Device) and internal overload device that provide protection against electrocution and over current faults.

The Power block has 4 outlets, each one switched individually with a double pole switch. The case is made from high impact resilient plastic, which includes a wrap around cord storage facility on the base and a carry handle on top.

Safety Switch – Principle of operation The safety switch is an electronic sensing device that constantly monitors the balance of current flow between active and neutral within the plugged in appliance. Should your body contact a live part of the appliance, an imbalance is sensed by the safety switch and the supply is automatically switched off. Important! Use of a safety switch does not eliminate the need for basic electrical safety precautions.


  • Portable Power Block 4 outlet with individual switches
  • Rating 240 volt, 10 amp 2400 watt
  • In-built residual current device (RCD) safety switch for protection against electric shock (AU)
  • Overload protected

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