Master / Slave Energy Saving Power Management Powerboard

The Powerleader Power management Master / Slave 7 socket power board is an energy saving solution for home and office electricity appliances such as for desktop computers, peripherals. This will save power, money and the environment by clever built-in technology. Endorsed by PlanetARK.
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$49.99 incl tax

Fully automatic turns power off when not in use.

The POWERLEADER Power Management Powerboard controls power to the devices plugged into the "Automatic Slave" sockets by sensing when the device plugged into the "Master Control" socket is switched on and off. When the "Master Control" device is switched on, the "Automatic Slave" devices will switch on. When the "Master Control" device is switched off, the "Automatic Slave" devices will switch off. This will save power, money and the environment. The powerboard also has two additional "Normal" sockets, which are always on.


• 1 master socket

• 4 slave sockets

• 2 normal sockets

• 1m lead length

• Fully automatic operation

• Surge protected

• Overload protected

• Endorsed by Planet Ark


• Switching threshold: 35 Watts

• 525 Joule surge protection

• Surge protection: Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

• Voltage rating: 230~240VAC 50Hz

• Current: 10A (Max), 2400W (Max)

• Typical capacitance: 430pf

• Clamping Voltage: 275V

• Response time: <20 nano seconds

• Surge current: 4500 Amps

• Indoor use only

• Approval number U8888EA

*Save up to $145.00 per annum: Electrical products left in standby mode account for around 10% average household power use. Typical example: Average standby power used at 100 Watts x 140 hours per week x average cost of power calculated over a calender year. This example is based on a high performance domestic audio visual system including a Plasma, DVD player, Amplifier, Cable TV set top box, VCR and subwoofer. This example assumes system is operating for a 4 hour period each day (and therefore not operating 20 hours a day). The level of standby power saved in this example is 725kWh/ year - Equating to approximately $145.00 in power costs. The power saved (725kWh) is equivalent to 754kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Calculations - September 2015


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