Metal Power Board with 8 Outlets

Heavy duty metal enclosure power board with 8 sockets. Wall mounting screw option. Large adaptor socket spacing. Surge and spike MOV Protection EMI/RFI. Noise Filter included Illuminated power switch. 10A resettable fuse. Product code: PT8888
SKU: L58015

8 Power outlets on power board

Heavy duty 8 way surge protected power board with metal casing. Universal application and particularly beneficial in a workshop or commercial environment where normal boards may be easily damaged. Surge and overload protected with indicator lights. EMI and RFI protection as well as handy wall mounting slots built into the casing. Spaced power socket to house bulky transformers and power packs. Bright yellow colour for added safety.

Heavy duty metal enclosure

Wall mounting screw option

Large Adaptor Socket spacing

Surge and Spike MOV Protection EMI/RFI (MOVs typically limit voltages to about 3 to 4 times the normal circuit voltage by diverting surge current elsewhere than the protected load).

Noise Filter included Illuminated power switch.

Yellow in colour.

Rated: 240Vac 10amps maximum.

Power cord 1.2metres.

This surge protector is designed to protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes.

Product code: PT8888

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