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5-way Power Block with Securing Loops

Secure cable loop system to ensure you accidently dont pull the power plugs out of the powerboards sockets. The mains cables simply loop through the fasteners to keep the AC plugs in place. Bright orange colour makes it highly visible adding visual safety.
$33.99 incl tax

8 Outlet RCD Powerboard

The HPM 8 outlet RCD protected PlugBoss power board is ideal for tradesmen, home handymen and building sites. RCD enabled protection will prevent ongoing electrocution from electrical faults and safety hazards from using power tools. Specifications: 240Vac 10amps 50Hz 2400watts maximum.
$55.99 incl tax

Ear Plugs with Nylon Cord

Hearing protector solution includes 2 pairs of earplugs with fitted cord. This product can be washed and then reused. Furthermore the plugs are comfortable to use under safety helmets. Colour orange with soft nylon cord. Protection for your hearing.
$4.99 incl tax

Portable Power Block Safety Switch 4 Outlet

This four outlet power board from Arlec is weatherproof and sturdy, suitable for building works and other outdoor projects where simultaneous use of multiple electrical appliances is required.
From $84.99 incl tax

Power Cord Safety Lock

A safety locking device to secure two electrical extension leads or power cords together to achieve a safe connection. Ideal for caravan/camping, outdoor work lights, power tools, party lights and tradesmen etc.
$9.90 incl tax

RCD Inline Safety Device

Earth leakage safety switch wall plug. It has a Test reset button. RCDs are designed to disconnect the circuit if there is a leakage current to prevent electrocution.
$29.99 incl tax $27.00 incl tax

RCD Protection Power Board

RCD protection is important to reduce the risk of electrocution. This RCD Safety Switch has six outlets with built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switch mains plug for protection against ongoing electric shocks. An integrated circuit breaker to shut off all power in the event of overloading. Manual button for overloading reset. DISCONTINUED
$48.99 incl tax

Residual Current Device Cable

RCD inline protection safety extension lead with in-line Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switch for protection against electric shocks. Approved for Australian electrical installations. Two metres yellow power cord rated 10Amps 240Volts.
From $29.99 incl tax

Safety Switch Extension Lead

In-Line Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switch with 3 core heavy duty cable 1.8 metres in length. Utilise for protection against electric shocks with built-in detection to disconnect current. Rated 240V 10 Amp 2400 watts maximum.
From $39.99 incl tax

Termination Safety Impact Chassis

This safety chassis assists with safe and speedy termination of our Voice-Grade IDC Jacks, Cat5E IDC Jacks, Cat6 IDC Jacks, Cat5 Keystone Jacks and Cat6 Keystone Jacks when using a standard IDC Impact Tool.
$2.99 incl tax