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4 Way Individually Switched Powerboard with USB outlets

This model features 4 individually switched surge and overload protected outlets. Features 4 USB charging outlets - 1Amp. USB outlet suitable for charging iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS units and many more devices. OUT OF STOCK
$34.99 incl tax

4 Way Power Board Individually Switched

4 Way Power Board Individually Switched with surge spike protection. LED Indicator. Overload protected 10A with reset button. Size 230mm x 75mm x 35mm. Colour white with right angle mains plug. Length 1 metre lead.
$14.99 incl tax

5M Extension Lead and Piggyback Plug

5 metres extension lead with piggyback plug to socket. Voltage rating 240V. Current 10A Maximum Rated. Colour white. 3 Pin plug for general purpose outlets GPO in Australia.
$13.99 incl tax

5-way Power Block with Securing Loops

Secure cable loop system to ensure you accidently dont pull the power plugs out of the powerboards sockets. The mains cables simply loop through the fasteners to keep the AC plugs in place. Bright orange colour makes it highly visible adding visual safety. This product is not currently available.
$33.99 incl tax


6 way spike & 10A protected. Competitively priced with Illuminated power switch 10A Resettable fuse button. Single MOV Spike arrester and 1 Metre Cord Right Angle Plug.
$13.99 incl tax

6 Way Power Board with Spaced Outlets

These high quality budget priced powerboards offer customers a high rated level of surge and overload protection. Features handy right angle plug, 1m power cord and strip design to can fit neatly behind furniture and office equipment.
$22.99 incl tax

6 Way Powerboard with Surge Overload Protector

6 way powerboard with surge, overload protection and spaced sockets to fit larger plugs. The six outlets have spike protection from harmful power fluctuations and 10Amp protected outlets. Two wide spaced outlets. Colour black. Ideal for office and home electrical appliances.
$21.99 incl tax

7M Extension Lead With Piggyback Plug

7 metres extension lead with a handy piggy-back plug to socket interface. Voltage rating 240V. Current 10A Maximum Rated. Colour white. Suit Australian Standard general purpose outlets GPO.
From $17.99 incl tax

8 Outlet Recessed Horizontal Power Rail

Recessed 1RU power strip with 8 WAY 3 pin 10Amps GPO power sockets. 3 metres 3x 1.5mm² power lead with SAA plug. 10A Thermal circuit breaker. Size: 482x45x95mm (Counter Sink: 50mm)
$60.00 incl tax

8 Way Horizontal Power Rail with Current Meter

8 Way 19 inch Rack with built-in digital display current meter. Height 1u for horizontal mounting in server cabinet. SAA outlets 10Amps with resettable thermal circuit breaker. Aluminium-alloy metal casing. Built-in LED 3 digit current meter measures total power consumption.
From $88.00 incl tax


PLATINUM PROTECTOR Surge spike protected 2100 Joules 58,800 Amps & EMI/RFI Noise filter Earth/Protect Indicators 10A Resettable overload Master power switch 2 Extra-Spaced outlets 1.8M cord to R/A plug PAL Antenna protection RJ12 Phone protection.
$27.99 incl tax

AC IEC Power Cable 3M

AC iec power cable 3M with IEC C13 to C14 interface connectors. Colour red. Length 3 metres. The connections are male to female. Suitable for interconnecting between AC power supply computers and an UPS with similar connections. Diametre core 1.0mm². Rated 240Vac.
From $12.99 incl tax

AC Mains Powerboard Economy

6-way Power board with 10A reset protection. Excellent price for the people that wish for bare basic! Power cord 1 metre length. Voltage rating 240V AC. Colour white.
$11.99 incl tax


16 Port Rack Mount. Professional power solution. Compact and efficient supply 16 outputs, 16x individually fused & LED power indicators for quick supply inspection. 1.8m power cable included. Size 515x260x128mm. Front and rear images shown.
From $179.00 incl tax

CCTV Power Supply with 18 Channels

A CCTV Power Supply with 12Vdc @ 500mA Outputs 18 Terminals for wall mounting. 120Watts Total. 18 outputs with LED power indicators for quick supply inspection. Screw terminal connections lockable, two keys supplied. Powder coated metal housing. Input Voltage IEC 240Vac. Output Voltage 12Vdc 18x 550mA 10A max. Optional SLA battery.
$145.00 incl tax


Simple touch operation. Easy Mode Selection. COUNT UP MODE will switch on the power socket after selected time & COUNT DOWN MODE will switch off the power socket after selected time period. This product is not currently available.
$32.99 incl tax

DC 5V 1Amp Power Adapter

DC 5V 1Amp power adapter replacement for Bush Radio BR25DAB mains power supply. Instead of using the internal batteries you can power your radio with this adapter.
$35.00 incl tax

Desk Power Centre with USB Charging Socket

This unique and innovative product fits into standard size 60mm cable holes in desks and features 2 power outlets and one USB charging outlet. Ideal for use with laptops, mobile phones and similar devices, it can be installed in seconds with no tools required.
From $26.99 incl tax


POWER/DATA/AERIAL/PHONE 240VAC-10A 6 Outlet board 60,000 Amp Surge protection 10A Resettable Circuit breaker Power On/ Off switch. 1.8M Cord Telephone/Modem splitter protector CAT5/6 Ethernet line protector TV Aerial PAL Coax line protector.
$59.00 incl tax


White 4-way Power board with 10A resettable protection Excellent price for the stingy people that wish for bare basic! Power cord 1 Metre length. Voltage rating 240V.
$9.99 incl tax