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ProLink Power Strips

Introducing a new range of superior quality power strips. The ProLink power strips are locally assembled in Australia with powder coated steel and individually hand wired outlets to ensure your power supply is safe and reliable. Their neat and tidy design enables your rack to be clutter-free.

Designed specifically for use in 19 inch rack enclosures with the highest standards of quality expected by the IT Industry. Protected by thermal or thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, shrouded to prevent accidental operation.

This range of power strips all comply with AS/NZS 3100:2009.

We have more 19 inch rack power boards see our 19 inch rack power boards

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1U Power Strip with 8 outlets

BUILT-IN THERMAL CIRCUIT BREAKER. ProLink 1U power strip with 8 x 3 pin GPO power sockets. 3 metre power lead with GPO plug. 10A Circuit breaker.

Thermal Magnetic Protected Power Strips

ProLink range of GPO power strips size 1U with built-in thermal magnetic circuit breaker. Rated 10 Amps 240 Vac with a 3 pin type mains general purpose outlets. Available in three outputs 4, 5 or 6.
From $195.00

GPO Power Strips 2U

2U power strips with 3 pin GPO power sockets. Extra long 3 metre power lead with GPO plug rated 10A 240Vac. Furthermore the power strips have Thermal Magnetic breaker protection. Available in 10 or 12 outlets configuration see below.
From $312.00

Vertical 1U GPO Power Strip 1metre long

The vertical mount power strip with 10x 3 pin GPO sockets. Includes a 3 metre power lead with AC mains 240 volts general purpose outlet (GPO) plug suitable for Australian electrical supply. Also features overload protection with thermal magnetic circuit breaker protection. Plus versatile bracket ends that are moveable for 4 mounting directions.
From $309.00

Vertical 1U GPO Power Strip 1.7M long

BUILT-IN THERMAL MAGNETIC CIRCUIT BREAKER. Longer vertical mount power strips with multiple 3 pin GPO sockets. 2M power cord with GPO plug. 10A Thermal Magnetic circuit breaker protection. Universal bracket ends are 90 degrees moveable for 4 mounting directions. Available in 15, 20 and 30 outlets.
From $505.00

IEC C13 Vertical Power Strip with Power Lead

Built-in thermal magnetic circuit breaker. Vertical power strip 1U x 0.7M long with 20 x IEC C13 outlet sockets. Connected to a 3 metres power lead with GPO plug. 10A Circuit breaker.
From $390.00

IEC-LOCK C13 Power Strip 1U with C14 Inlet

Built-in thermal magnetic circuit breaker. 8x IEC-Lock C13 outlets with IEC C14 inlet and 10A circuit breaker. IEC-Lock prevents accidental disconnection. Compatible with IEC C14 type.
From $348.00

PDU with 15 Amp Outlets

15 amp power distribution unit with mixed 10amp, 15amp and IEC C19 outlets. Vertical mounting 1RU 15WAY PDU. Outlet includes 12x 10A GPO, 2x 15A GPO and 1x IEC C19 sockets. Heavy duty Aluminium alloy casing. 15A Thermal magnetic circuit breaker. With 2 metres 3x 1.5mm² cable and 15Amp SAA mains power plug. Dimensions: 990mm x 45mm x 45mm.