Push Release Speaker Terminals

The speaker terminal mount has two push-release buttons for easy connection of speaker cables to rear of speaker box etc. Terminal polarity identification for RED + positive and BLACK - negative connections of speaker wires.
SKU: J702
$2.99 incl tax

The speaker terminal mount has two push-release buttons for connecting speaker cables to rear of speaker box etc.  

Terminal for RED + symbol positive and BLACK - symbol negative connections of speaker wires.

Guide to Connecting Speaker Wires:

Simply strip the outer insulation from the end of wire strands (approximately 12mm) being careful not damage the metal strands. Then twist the end of the exposed strands together to strengthen and form a good contact. Next push the release button and insert the correct wire into place.

The speaker wires must be connected correctly on the receiver / amplifier and speakers. For example, the positive speaker terminal red on the receiver must be connected to the corresponding positive terminal on the speaker and the negative terminal black on the receiver / amplifier connected to the corresponding negative terminal on the speaker.


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