RCA Plug to RCA Plug Subwoofer 3M Cable

Exclusive White Pearl Subwoofer audio single cable 3 metres. 1 RCA plug to 1 RCA plug 24k gold plated connectors, 6mm Audiophile grade lead. Suitable for subwoofer speaker, centre channel speaker and other audio equipment.
SKU: CXS1052
$17.99 incl tax


Pearl Subwoofer Audio Single RCA cable 3metres.

1 RCA Plug to 1 RCA Plug AUDIO TYPE 6mm Audiophile grade lead. Suitable for Sub-woofers, Centre channel and other audio.

Professional grade interconnect. High purity copper conductor (OFC). Low capacitance and inductance. 24k gold plated connectors.

Colour white.


  • Mylar coated Aluminium Screen for Low Noise and RF Rejection
  • Double shielded audio
  • P.E. Foam Dielectric Reduces Attenuation by up to 35%
  • Enamel Coated Full Braided Shield Clean Ground Return Path
  • Pearl Highly Flexible Heavy Duty PE Jacket Strength and Durability
  • Hand Soldered
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