3.5mm Plug To 2 RCA Plugs 5metres Lead

White Pearl exclusive series 3.5mm plug to 2x RCA plugs White Pearl exclusive series. Length 5 metres. 24k Gold plated connectors. Colour coded heat-shrink strain relief boots for strength and reliability.
SKU: CXS1454
$35.99 incl tax

White Pearl Exclusive Series high quality 3.5mm Connector to Two RCA Plugs

To listen to audio music and ebooks from your iPOD and MP3 with this cable if you have a 3.5mm socket. The 2 RCA plugs will connect to your RCA sockets on the sound system (home theatre, hi-fi etc) and play via the cable. 


3.5mm plug to 2x RCA plugs.

Length 5 metres.

Suit Apple iPod and MP3 connections with 3.5mm sockets to RCA sockets.

RCA LAM type springs grips sure contact plugs.

Colour coded heat-shrink strain relief boots.

High-end audiophile performance.

High gloss pearl finish with an extra strong jacket.

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