Retuning Australia's READY for Digital TV

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stay tuned for the retune

As the final step in Australia’s move to digital-only TV, some channels will change frequencies. After they’ve changed, you’ll need to retune your digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder to keep watching your favourite shows. The retune began in March 2013 and is due to be completed by 31 December 2014. Different areas will need to retune on different dates, so to find out your date visit where you can sign up for a reminder SMS or email alert.

Your retune date depends on your location and which transmitter you’re receiving TV signal from. To find out when the TV channels are moving for the transmitter(s) in your area, enter your address into the ‘Get retune info for your place’ box on

You’ll need to retune your digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder on or after your areas retune date (not before).

To watch the Australian Government's retune video visit their website:

To check your address location for the retune visit:

Australia Gov retune addess location example image

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3/4/2014 7:40 PM
Sydney area retune scheduled for March 2014

The Digital Ready staff have advised March 18th 2014 has been scheduled for Sydney TV reception area for the retune.

3/21/2014 2:17 PM
SBS Channels for Sydney Area Changed

The TV channels for SBS One and SBS HD were changed again since March 18th 2014 on the 19th March 2014.

Signal Lost - Displayed so retune is required.

Auto tune easiest option via on screen menu.

Note: Some TV channel lists will be mixed-up also, you may like to select your favourite stations again, for example, you might notice this when using remote control arrow UP and DOWN to change stations out of ascending order etc.