RG-58/U RG-59/U BNC TNC F Crimping Tool

Heavy Duty ratchet tool. Suits the more popular crimp plugs 5.4mm and 6.5mm RG-58/U RG-59/U BNC TNC 'F'. Premium grade Steel Body. Replaceable die-cast head.
$59.99 incl tax


Heavy duty very solidly made ratchet tool. Suits the more popular crimp PLUGS 5.4mm and 6.5mm RG-58/U RG-59/U BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) TNC (Threaded Neill–Concelman) 'F' 

Diameter size in mm and inch:

1.72mm (.068")

5.41mm (.213")

6.50mm (.256")

Premium grade Steel Body. Replaceable Die Cast Head.

These tools are very well made and can be trusted to perform. Our installers recommennd this tool. 


Code JAW336A (Note: when ordering spare jaw)

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