RGB Component Video Premium Cable With RCA Plugs

High-grade pure copper cable 1.5 metres in length. 3 RCA plugs to 3 RCA plugs and are hand soldered OFC. Component / RGB video signals. Electric blue colour jacket 6.5mm Ø leads with deluxe metal plugs. Multimedia cable interconnect etc. DVD, Plasma, LCD TV.
Manufacturer: DAI1CHI
$22.00 incl tax


RGB Component Video Cable - Component / RGB video signals.

1.5 Metres in length. Ideal for longer runs between video source and outputs. 

3 x RCA male plugs to 3 x RCA male plugs and are indivdually hand soldered onto OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper).

High-quality deluxe metal plugs with gold plated pins.

Electric blue colour 6.5mm Ø diameter leads i.e. very wide thick cable. 

Multimedia cable interconnect to suit DVD player, Home Theatre System, Plasma Television, LCD TV etc.

Superior high-grade component cable that maintains signal quaity, for example, low dielectric loss.

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