XMAS Gift Crimper Tool Kit RJ45

Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Christmas silly season has arrived with 2015 nearly over. Next year 2016 will see exciting advancements in several Electrotechnology areas such as televisions, smartphones and computers. However you'll still need a high quality crimper tool like this clever professional design. The tool was developed by key a large telecommunication company for the ASIA Pacific regions e.g, Australian telecommunications. Additionally the tool is Registered - Datamaster® brand. Furthermore the kit includes one RJ45 precision steel crimper hand tool, a bag of 4 position, 6 position and 8 position modular plugs, handy support tool and a carry case.

Source available: http://www.cits.net.au/crimping-tool-for-rj45-4pin-6pin-8pin-plugs

Jaw design distributes equal pressure to all contacts simultaneously. Ratchet operation ensures excellent insulation penetration and cord strain relief.

Plug types suited 4PIN / 6PIN / 6P-MMP / 8PIN

MMP definition is Modified Modular Plug (also known as MMJ or DEC-connect).

Tool is highly recommended by technicians and IT Network installers.

This is the Datamaster professional crimping tool kit.

Also there is a Youtube video showing the RJ45 Datamaster tool kit below:




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