Science Week 2016 News

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

National science week is well underway with exciting activities and demonstrations on display. School children with the guidance of their teachers are busy coding programs to control devices such as robots. Furthermore chemicals reactions are a favourite among people as well as museum talks from brilliant scientists explaining the history of  galaxies from these 3D observations. For Sydney science enthusiasts they can visit the Powerhouse Museum to learn about the 27km collider and its cathedral-sized detector caverns, and discover how studying the subatomic world can point the way to a fuller understanding of our universe.

A clever student with empathy has designed and built a mechanism for the video game Minecraft to assist her friend to play. The student's friend has poor dexterity in her hands which limits her ability to engage in the video game. A wonderful story of how technology can enhance peoples' lives. So get involved and find an event near you.

Curator Tours: Collider

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Venue Powerhouse Museum

500 Harris Street, Ultimo

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