Stay Smart Online Week 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Create strong passwords

The key thing to remember when creating a password is that the longer it is, the stronger it is!

Think of a passphrase that is made up of at least four words, including at least 12 characters, for example 'horsecupstarshoe'. Make it meaningful to you so it is easy to remember.

  • Using strong passwords lowers your overall risk of a security breach, but they do not replace the need for other effective security controls, such as installing anti-virus software and updates to your operating system as soon as they’re released.

Do not include the following things in your passwords:

  • repeated characters
  • arbitrarily mixed letters, numbers and symbols 
  • single dictionary words, your street address or numeric sequences (such as 1234567)
  • personal information
  • anything you have previously used.

It is also better not to change your passwords frequently, for example each month, as it leads to poor passwords being created.Stay smart online logo

Use a password manager 

You can install a password manager on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It will generate and remember secure passwords for you and some password managers will sync across your devices.

The downside is that if the password manager is breached, all your information is accessible.

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