Streaming Movies is Easy with The NBN

Saturday, November 26, 2016


The nbn™ broadband has ensured streaming movies is easy with faster infrastructure being rolled-out across Australia. Download and upload speeds have increased significantly with the nbn network for both wireless and fixed connections, compared to the existing data speeds. Which is why so many Aussie households have signed up to the nbn broadband... more than 1 million premises in 2016 (nbn map see below).  The process of getting connected to the nbn™ network is dependent on your location, so to find out what will happen at your place, you should check your address. nbn broadband.


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A nice article from the nbn blog below:


Streaming movies, TV and other videos might be easy to do, but be mindful of your download cap.

nbn movie streamingImage courtesy of nbn

'Ready for a binge watching session? With video, movie and TV streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Presto and Foxtel Play offering video content on demand, it’s easy to get lost in a world of entertainment.

These platforms are comparably affordable to other forms of video entertainment, currently costing generally between $10 to $15 per month for unlimited viewing.

In Australia, the amount of entertainment we consume at home is around 85 hours of television per person, per month.

In 2016, the Australian Multi-Screen Report found that 13.03 million Australians aged two and older spent an average of eight hours and 33 minutes streaming video, including on-demand catch up TV, live streaming and video on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Some streaming services like YouTube offer free content, others require a paid subscription. No matter which model you use, both have an added cost: the data you consume as you watch.

If you have limited data, as many Australians do, it is worth being aware of how much every TV show or movie uses up'.


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