Soldering Irons

Selection of soldering irons and parts. Weller® and Hakko®

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Hakko Battery Powered Soldering Iron

This tool is ideal for every tool box. This tool is awesome! So far technical students, model train builders, model car hobbyists and in-field service technicians have recommended this tool...
$99.00 incl tax

Hobbyist Soldering Station

A high quality compact design soldering station. Adjustable temperature controller, controls a very wide range of temperature (100°C - 450°C). Comes with 0.5mm tip. Note: Many more replacement tips available.
$39.99 incl tax

12V Portable Weller Iron

42W WITH BATTERY PACK Portable hand tool solution Long life operation soldering Carry case with 12V 7.2Ah SLA Recharges from car accessories Premium Weller soldering iron Temperature controlled tip Standard sized light weight Rugged carry case w/ stand Made in Australia
$220.00 incl tax

Battery Powered Soldering Iron

USES STANDARD “C” BATTERIES Equivalent to a 25W iron 450°C Includes 1.4Ah Ni-Cd Cells x2 Requires charger not included Compatible with High Power NiMH or standard Alkalines for the go-anywhere soldering tool. Claims 125 soldering points per charge (20min continuous).
$140.00 incl tax

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Metal bin with a metal alloy sponge. Clean tips without losing temperature and as a result, tips last longer.
From $12.99 incl tax

General Purpose 60/40 Solder with Rosin Core

Good quality general purpose solder. Ideal for people that prefer to use solder with a Rosin Core i.e. electrical work.
From $9.99 incl tax

Resin Solder Pencil 17g

Resin cored solder in handy dispenser. Size 17grams 1mm. Ideal size for small jobs and to keep stored in every tool box.
From $3.00 incl tax

20 Watts Hakko Soldering Iron

High quality Light Weight (40g) Suitable for all general applications Ideal Hobby Iron or spare in the tool box, etc.
$25.00 incl tax

60 WATT Hakko Soldering Iron

High quality Light Weight (40g) Suitable for all general applications Ideal Hobby Iron or spare in the tool box, etc. Super-quick heatup and better temperature hold.
$31.00 incl tax

Weller 40W Temperature Controlled Station

NEW! HIGHLY EFFICIENT DESIGN Attractive, modern, sleek low profile design utilising new technology Low power with advanced temperature control reduces temperature spikes This unit is ideal for working modern small scale sensitive electronics.
$240.00 incl tax


Made from a patented formula alloy that is environmentally friendly and without toxins harmful to humans! Also uses a natural rosin core flux. Use lead-free solder and look after the environment and yourself! Melts 227°C. No performance loss.
From $17.99 incl tax

Lead-Free Solder Pencil 17g

Lead-free solder. 17g of 1.0mm solder. LEAD FREE No Toxic Soldering Environmentally and Human friendly. Handy dispenser & No touch clean.
From $3.99 incl tax

Weller 80W Programable Soldering Station

MICRO-PROCESSOR TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED & ADJUSTABLE The higher reserve power vastly improves tip temperature recovery time The tip temperature is precision Micro-processor monitored & controlled.
$499.00 incl tax

Pocket Blow Torch

Use a common disposable lighter or the included Refillable Gas Cartridge. Allows up to 20 minutes of continuous use. Up to 1300°C peak flame temperature. Wind-proof flame. Compact and easy to use torch solution. Workshop, Tool Box, Work Bench etc. Suitable for Heavy Duty Soldering, Brazing, Silver Soldering, hobbies, etc.
From $20.99 incl tax

Soldering Aid Hand Tools

Contains 6 double sided hand tools designed to help solder re-work professionally and quickly. Suitable for SMD, etc.
$12.99 incl tax

Soldering Paste (Flux)

Paste in a metal tin Excellent solution for SMD Rework to General Heavy-Duty soldering work. Thick N pasty. Tin 100g
$12.99 incl tax

Soldering Flux Syringe

Resin paste flux Multi-core 450-01 Rework SMD with this easy apply 10cc syringe. Contains resin. High grade quality. Size 10cc
From $20.00 incl tax