PowerCube® Original The PowerCube® Original can be used to extend the available number of outlets. The PowerCube® has a very compact design, optimally using any square inch that is available. And even though its compact shape, its sockets will not be blocked by bulky power adapters, a problem that is often experienced with conventional power strips.

PowerCube® Original USB Besides offering 4 additional power outlets, the PowerCube® Original USB also offers a dual USB port, so that you can charge your smartphone or tablet computer without the need for a dedicated power adapter. And with an output of 2.1A, the powered USB ports are powerful enpough to charge the latest tablet computers and smartphones.

PowerCube® Extended The PowerCube® Extended and Extended USB are delivered with a docking mount, allowing you to mount the PowerCube® anywhere you want: even on a wall or below a table. This allows you to mount a power outlet wherever it is the most convenient for you, so that you do not have to crawl below your desk to plug in e.g. your laptop.  

Mounting system The PowerCube® can easily be fixated onto the dock: just rotate the PowerCube 90 degrees, and it locks into place. Any side of the PowerCube® can be used for docking, so the PowerCube® can be oriented in any direction. Another great feature of the docking mount is the fact that you can remove it again without having to worry about leaving any glue residues or scratching your desk’s surface: just pull the tabs, and the dock easily comes off, without leaving any glue residue.

USB charging The PowerCube® Extended USB has two powered USB ports allowing you to charge all your electronics right from your desktop. The output of the USB ports is 2.1A, what means that it also is able to charge more power intensive devices such as the latest tablets and smartphones.

And there is more to it… Over the last pages we explained to you the advantages of the separate PowerCubes. However, their real strength shows when they are combined: as the PowerCubes® are all compatible with eachother, you can create a tailored solution, creating the ideal solution to your specific needs. 

PowerCube® Extended and Extended USB The PowerCube® Extended and Extended USB models are available with a 1.5 metre cable, allowing you to mount the PowerCube conveniently within reach. As it can be locked onto the docking mount you can firmly attach it to your desk, to make sure that it cannot tip over or be pulled down by a heavy adapter or thick power cord.

Models in the PowerCube range see below:

4-Way + USB code: PB4000

Original 5-Way code: PB5000

5-Way with cord code: PB5001

4-Way + USB with Cord PB4001

Display Stand code: FDSU