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Used and obsolete products selling cheap. 4 Way KVM switch, 2 way manual data transfer switch, KVM cables, patch leads and data cords.

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USB 2.0 Cable Booster

USB has a limit of 5 metres unless boosted. Active 5metres booster extension. Features USB 2.0 specification compliant, Data transfer rates up to 480Mbps, True PnP, No external power required, USB 2.0 or 1.1 Type A Male to Type A Female. Windows compatible.
$10.00 incl tax

Primax Electronic Parallel Data Switch

Electronic parallel data switch. 2 port parallel DB25 female sockets. Bi-directional automatic parallel printer switch. Primal compact switch. Power free operation for most applications. Supports 2 printers and 1 computer or 1 printer and 2 computers. Status indicators port status and power. Note: this item has been used. Product code CA21PD
$10.00 incl tax

36 Pin Centronics 2-Way Manual Data Switch

36 Pin Centronics 2-way data transfer manual switch. The manual data switch provides practical method for interconnecting your computers, printers and peripherals. One input to two outputs. All female sockets. You can manually turn switch to A or B to select your desired connection. Condition: used product.
$10.00 incl tax

4-Way Multi-PC Controller Emulation

4 Way Multi-PC Controller with Push Buttons. Older style 4-way KVM manual data box with interfaces such as VGA HD15 display monitors, as well as connections for PS/2 keyboards and PS/2 mouses. Condition: used product.
$10.00 incl tax