Xmas Lights Hazards Kids and Pets

Thursday, December 13, 2018

You can implement safety checklists when setting up Christmas decorations and xmas lights to ensure no one gets electrocuted. Hazards can develop quickly without prior warning. Make sure you thoroughly check electrical Christmas tree lights and decorative lights before installation. Furthermore check for damaged electrical cables, lights, power plugs, power boards and sockets before and after installation. Failure can result in fatal electrocution. Especially with children and pets enchanted by flashing lights and moving xmas decorations.

Ensure you utilise xmas low-voltage products and test residual-current devices before going live.

Link to RCD safety devices via RCD safety products link

We have electrical safety tips via Electrical xmas tree safety tips


Christmas tree lights and presents display
Electrical hazard symbol

Do not overload the powerboard with too many big current consuming electrical appliances, for example, computers, portable aircons, outdoor xmas mechanical displays, multimedia system etc.

Do not exceed the manufacturer’s voltage and current rating, for example 10Amps and 240V

Do not use double adaptors on the powerboard

Do not position the powerboard in hot areas, for example, avoid placing near heater and sunny hot glass window

Do not join or interconnect powerboards together, for example, no daisy-chains

Do not use a thinner extension cable before powerboard

Do not locate near water or moisture



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